About us

Our company

A family business since 1976 working on it's 3rd generation of ownership.

in 1976, Maurice Dean purchased the store after owning Maurice Shoes in Red Deer, AB. He ran the store for several years, and in 1980, asked his son Reg Dean for help running day to day business. Reg relocated his new family back to Caroline, and ran the store with his father until he purchased it from Maurice. He was still a big part of the business until Maurice was ill and passed away in 1986. in 2011, he asked his daughter Monique Dean for assistance in running day to day business, and in February of 2018, she purchased it from Reg.

Our team

Gun Counter Staff

Homer  joined us in 2017 and is an avid shooter. He likes everything tactical and semi auto. "Black Guns Matter"

Levi  when he isn't antagonizing Facebook, you'll see him here regularly.

Jayden aka Junior! While still in school, he farms, is in 4H, and slings gun on weekends.

Dallas Joining us recently, and is picking up tricks of the trade quickly! Dallas hunts and likes the outdoors.

Reg Dean The backbone for this business who has been the frame work for nearly 40 years.

Monique Dean grew up in the store, and around guns and manages every aspect of the business.

Front End Staff

Chelsea - her sense of humor and reliability have been serving customers for over 10 years here!

Val - always smiling and pleasant. She's been here a couple of years and we hope for many more.

Tamra - Happy go lucky gal who relocated to Caroline a little over a year ago, and enjoys horses and the outdoors.

Shaelynn - She wins the award for the youngest team member. Also her hiring story is pretty funny! Ask her :)

Brandi - A local gal who is always chipper and helpful to everyone. She joined the team in 2021.

Shauna - She's been here before, and we are happy to have her back! 

Michelle - A farm girl who is always pleasant and happy to serve you!

Shavon - She's a familiar face from around town. You've likely seen her at the restaurant but she'll be taking orders for huntin and fishin stuff now!

Jenn - Our newest gal. She knows the front end well!

Ida - Our casual snowbird! Ida is so handy to have and we wish she could handle the cold weather so she could be here year round!